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In a word...
Blue Mariah featuring the Arnold Sisters
The Pacific Northwest's Premiere Party-Rock Band

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Cheryl Tammy

See Us at Snohomish County Plaza Amphitheater
August 9th, 11:30am
  Tulalip Casino
August 12th, 5-8pm
21 and older
  Evergreen State Fair
August 28th, 5:45-6:30pm (time still uncertain)
  Sausage Festival
Sunday, October 1, 2017, 5:30 - 6:30pm
  Lawyer Judicial Excellence Party
Saturday, October 21, 2016
Sahalee Golf & Country Club (private)

Blue Mariah is a high-energy professional party-rock band. Available for concerts, fairs, casinos, corporate events, street dances, special events, private parties, weddings, etc.

Praise for the Blue Mariah Band featuring Cheryl Arnold:

"What a fantastic rock group! They not only filled our barn with wonderful music of the 60s, 70s and the 80s, but their personalities keept the entire evening filled with energy. This rubs off on everyone and it's always the highlight of everybody's weekend. We discovered this group a few years ago and we wouldn't have anyone else.
  Black Angus Cattle Company

"Your performance and that of the Blue Mariah Band was outstanding at our recent party and I received many compliments on your behalf from our guests. The music was varied and appropriate for the several generations represented at our dance."
  and Harriet Shrontz

In my many years as Director of Artists and Repertoire at Dot Records and Paramount Pictures, I have recommended several famous artists. Now, again, I have finally seen and heard someone with whom I am completely and totally impressed: Cheryl Arnold. I really admire Cheryl; let me count the ways. She is unbelievably visual, with an unusual beauty and style that can grace any stage, screen, musical, theatrical or otherwise. Her personality is firey and bright and her smile is contagious giving her the fantastic ability to bend and shape an audience at will. Cheryl can move from one kind of music to another (country, pop, soft rock or your choice) with the ease of any of the greats. You will love her for all of these things and so will the people who flock to hear her, and they do!

Cheryl has a wonderful group backing her. Just another of her attributes; she knows how to "put music together." Cheryl Arnold and the Blue Mariah band are a must for anyone who wants to see and hear the best. My vote is in and so will your's be; go ahead and be hooked on the next big star to shine.
Miss Bonnie Guitar

Praise for Blue Mariah Band from David Mariott, Alaska Airlines

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