Cheryl with her champion Morgan mare Honnaleejustadoll.

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Reba McEntire
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Loretta Lynn
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Hoyt Axton with Mike Stipek
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Phil Baugh, Bonnie Guitar, Cheryl recording Cheryl's album in Nashville.
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Bonnie Guitar and Cheryl in Soap Lake, Washington.
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Gerry Andal with Velvet LaValette at the mike.
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Cheryl and Merrilee Rush.
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Cheryl with Loretta Lynn.
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Sarah Foster, Stuart Anderson and Cheryl at the Party Barn, Ellensburg Rodeo.
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Cheryl and Johnny Cash.
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Cheryl and Chet Atkins, at the Gorge Ampitheater, WA.
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Cheryl, Don Steele, and Gail Davies
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L-R: Cheryl, Molly Bee, Joan Fennell (longtime dear friend and fan club president), Ira Allen
Front: Don Steele
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L-R: Cheryl, Don Steele, Roy Clark, Teri Arnold
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Gerry Andal

Concerts and Friends

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Taste of Edmonds
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KMPS Picnic
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Alaskan Airlines concert at Prudohe Bay, Alaska
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Mural Ampitheater, Seattle Center
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Taste of Tacoma
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Final Four Game concert at the Kingdome.
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Bothell Steet Dance
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Lou Tice Ranch, Winthrop WA, opening for Reba McEntire
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Klahiya Days in Snohomish
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Grand opening of the Emerald Casino, Fife, WA
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Out To Lunch concert, Seattle

Friends, Family, and Band Members

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Justin Mucklestone, our newest member laying down a solid rhythm and those ever so important hook lines! Rhythm Guitar and vocals… so happy to have him aboard!!!
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Mike Stipek rocks it at the 1st annual Block Party in Custer WA, sponsored by the GREAT Tony’s Tavern!!!
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Fearless leader Mike Stipek. Mike plays the all-important bass guitar, giving Blue Mariah the big, full sound that they are known for.
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Mike and one of his 3 sons. Which one?
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Gary Edwards, dynamic drummer and singer, provides the beat that propels the band.
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Cheryl with her beloved and brilliant sound engineer Rick Chinn.
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Cheryl with Master of the Keyboards, Dave Dean.
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Guitar Wizard Bobby "Velvet Throat" Englebert.
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Dueling Drummers Jesse Stipek and Gary "Solid as a Rock" Edwards.
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At the Party Barn, Ellensburg
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Cheryl and David at the Party Barn
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David, Cheryl, and Mike at the Riverside Inn.
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Cheryl, Rick Boice, Tommy Westley, Jay Carpenter, Mike Stipek, Rick Chinn. New Year's Eve gigue, Seattle
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Mike and Bill "Super Picker" Barnard
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Steve Pearson, formerly of The Heats.
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Our dear Johnny Agostino
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Dynamic Dan Pakinas
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Tommy Westley and J. D. Hoag
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Pat Tennis, Cheryl, Don Steele, unknown, unknown, Don Wilhelm and Marc Willet. Seattle Center Opera House.
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Cheryl and Rick
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Cheryl and Linda DuPar
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Sarah Foster, Cheryl. VIP Party, Ellensburg.
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The Talented and Lovely Tammy Arnold and Cheryl.
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Getting ready for a modeling photo shoot.
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Hoyt Axton and Joe Arnold
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The Arnettes. Teri Arnold, Cheryl Arnold, Tammy Arnold. The Space Needle, Seattle.
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Cheryl and her beautiful mother, Virginia Arnold
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Cheryl and Mike's tremendous trio, Jesse, Miles and Dylan.
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Chery and Tammy
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The multi-talented John Mucklestone
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John Mucklestone, Esq.
Musician Extraordinaire
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Another facet of John.

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